Domestic Intruder Alarms

The presence of effective security measures strongly deters intruders. Intruder alarms play a significant role in keeping the burglar out.

The type of intruder alarm you choose is important. 'Bells only' alarms deter intruders and may alert the neighbours but will not give you an automatic police response.

Alternatively, a system may be connected to your existing telephone line using a speech dialler allowing communications with key holder or mobile phone upon alarm activation.


No Obligation Alarm Survey

We offer a no obligation survey, which enables us to design and plan a system that will provide the optimum level of security for your home or business. We are able to provide a wide range of high-quality security systems tailored to your personal circumstances and budget.

Alarm Installation

During the installation of a security system it is sometimes necessary to lift carpets and drill holes into brickwork these areas are left as previously found with minimal disruption.

All work carries a full guarantee and is fitted by qualified electrical engineers and electricians.

Fire Alarms

Whether you are a landlord or home owner, we have intensive knowledge of all types of smoke alarms and heat alarms and can offer advice as to which heat or smoke alarm is best for your property. The most commonly used smoke or heat alarms in domestic properties are mains powered alarms with battery back-up. They require a constant 230v supply, which can be from its own designated circuit or from a nearby lighting circuit. This type of setup is known as Grade D and E, with Grade F being used for battery powered alarms. Mains powered smoke/heat alarms should be installed by a qualified electrician, with a NICEIC certificate being issued. This ensures that your smoke alarm installation is safe and effective.

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Security Lighting

We offer a complete service, from planning and designing a large installation to include, street Lighting, decorative lanterns, garden lighting, floodlights, etc.

All can be fully automated with electronic movement detectors and light sensitive cells. If you purchased your own security light we can install that too.

All work carries a full guarantee.