Commercial Electrical Services        

Our professional electrical engineers and electricians can provide a wide range of services including Portable Appliance Testing, CCTV systems, Intruder Alarm systems, Security Lighting, Fire Alarms and much more. We are based in the Wigan area however we do service clients in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas.

Electrical services from Elite Electrical & Security include:


Commercial Alarm Systems for Offices, Shops & Other Business Premises

We know how important it is for you to protect your business and livelihood.  Whether you are an office, shop or warehouse, the security of your property and its contents is of paramount importance.  Commercial alarm system can protect your business premises particularly during the closing hours when the risk of break-in is higher. That explains why security alarm is often a condition of business insurance for commercial premises.

Our security alarm packages designed for small businesses, are professionally installed at competitive price. Our intruder alarm systems are insurance approved.

Fire Alarms & Fire Systems

By law many organisations and businesses are required to install and maintain an appropriate fire alarm system on their premises. We can offer you the cover you need to meet the requirements of current EU guidelines, British Standards, your local Fire Officer and that of your insurance company.

We also offer a comprehensive package for service and maintenance of your system once it is installed.


Business Premises Security Lighting

We offer a complete service, from planning and designing a large installation to include, floodlights, etc. All can be fully automated with electronic movement detectors and light sensitive cells. If you purchased your own security lighting we can install that too.

Portable Appliance Testing / PAT testing

You are required by various pieces of legislation to maintain your electrical equipment in a safe condition.

We carry out tests on all your portable appliances, identifying each one with a unique serial number. Following the test each appliance is fitted with a "Pass" or "Fail" label as appropriate. All test results are recorded and are retained on our test equipment and re-produced as a printed report for your records.



Elite Electrical & Security Ltd also offer electrical maintenance services to ensure the safety and security of their client’s installations.

Access Control Systems

What are the 4 types of access control?

 The 4 main access control models are:

•             Discretionary access control (DAC)

•             Mandatory access control (MAC)

•             Role-based access control (RBAC)

•             Rule-based access control (RuBAC)

Access control systems are electronic systems that facilitate automated approval for authorized personnel to enter through a security portal without the need for a security officer to review and validate the authorization of the person entering the portal, typically by using a credential to present to the system.